What is vmlogics?

vmlogics is a powerful GUI based global cloud management platform offering KVM and OpenVZ provisioning and automation capability. The platform allows management of cloud clusters with security, performance and ease.

vmlogics makes it easy to buy and/or sell hardware resources in the vmlogics federation with simple management and flexible, time-based billing. The system features several AI components facilitating smart security, automatic resource distribution (ARD) with geolocated optimisation and high availability.


Build, Buy or Sell Cloud Services

Effortlessly plan, build, and deploy using your own or 3rd party cloud infrastructure while monetizing your unused resources.

Hourly Billing

Enjoy the flexibility of hourly billing with options to monetize your resource by offering to the federation.

Easy to use API

Dont want to use our management UI? No problem, we provide an easy to use API for your own intergration

Feature Rich Firewall

Have peace of mind knowing that your servers are protected. Create rule sets or block entire countries.

Fully Automated Backups

Set your retention policy and forget. Our powerful automated backups will keep your servers safe.

High Availabiliy

Keep critical vm's online in the event of hardware failure, the system will migrate your vm's to available nodes.

Automated Tasks

Schedule tasks to be executed at regular intervals or once only. the platform includes a full featured scheduling framework.


Recipes are a set of instructions that trigger events at certain stages during deployment or management of a cloud service.


The system dynamically balances the load of virtual machines across all hypervisors to ensure the maximum performance across available resources.

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OS Templates

Install one of our many ready made templates to have your vm's running in seconds. Share your templates across the federation.