Frequently Asked Questions

What Is It?

vmlogics is a feature rich, global cloud management platform offering KVM and OpenVZ provisioning and automation capability.
The platform makes it easy to buy and/or sell hardware resources in the federation with simple management and flexible, time-based billing.
The system features several AI components facilitating geolocated optimisation and high availability.

How Much Does it Cost?

The platform is free whilst in beta.
All beta users will get preferential pricing when the product is launched.
Initial pricing is leaning towards $50 per month for unlimited Hypervisors and Virtual Machines.
Selling in the federation will incur a cost of 10% of all sales with vmlogics taking care of all the billing.

Hardware Availability?

Use ‘federation’ available hardware infrastructure, use your own infrastructure privately, or monetize it by offering it to the public at prices you decide.


Quick Deployment?

Deploy our controller locally, and with your own hardware in place, configure and provision your own cloud deployment in under an hour.


What is Auto Resource Distribution (ARD)?

Maximise ongoing performance with intelligent distribution of resources.
vmlogics will dynamically balance the load of virtual machines across all hypervisors to ensure the maximum performance across available resources.


Smart Automation

Schedule and automate ongoing tasks with pre-configured Backup & Protection plans along with bulk actions across multiple servers.


Live Server Migrations?

Migrate or deploy servers anywhere seamlessly to any available hardware in the global federation while only paying for the time & resources your servers use.


Effortless Backups

Feature rich backup options include scheduling server image backups or restoring snapshots.
Instantly deploy a smart backup agent with vmlogics to schedule file and SQL backups.


Powerful Templates

Use templates for preconfigured servers, protection plans, firewall configs and resource groups.
Set once, use forever.


Unlimited Scalability

Manage local infrastructure, global infrastructure, or hybrid infrastructure to deploy and manage VM’s on an infinite global scale.